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What is Lionize?

Lionize helps brands, agencies, and social media teams manage every aspect of the Influencer Marketing lifecycle. Our system recruits, manages, and reports influencer talent for you.

Our Three Step Process


1. Recruitment

Begin by defining your program to kick-off the Lionize recruitment process.

Who is your target audience? How are we incentivizing those targets? What are the campaign participation requirements?

Lionize takes your strategy, identifies the best influencers and reaches out to them through its hyper-intelligent search engine. Think of it as a headhunter who recruits potential candidates.


2. Selection

As your candidates apply to your campaign, they enter a selection queue.

At this stage, Lionize becomes a ‘digital match-maker’. Much like a dating app, you are presented with a list of profiles who want to work with you for your selection.

3. Reporting

Once your team is selected, Lionize activates your partners.

The platform tracks and reports all posting activity: including both engagement and the user generated content created. In this final stage, Lionize also automates post management, payment and reactivation of your high-performing partners.


Lionize Provides A Dedicated Influencer Marketing Expert


Our specialist will help strategize your program upfront and act as your point of contact throughout execution. No matter what your level of influencer marketing experience is, Lionize welcomes you.


It's Time To Launch Your Campaign

For Brands

We’ll help you find the perfect partners for your brand. Let our network of limitless influencers build brand awareness and drive your digital traffic goals.

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For Agencies

Finally, a platform that removes the heavy lifting of influencer campaign management. Free your time to focus on your client’s creative strategy.

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What Lionize Handles



If you’re marketing an all-natural, gluten-free food product, Lionize won’t just find you food vloggers, it will find you the all-natural, gluten-free ones.



Influencer marketing isn’t about having the largest following, it’s about finding the right profiles to represent your brand. Lionize automatically reaches out to your target prospects with the opportunity.



Influencers are presented an opportunity to partner with you, and they submit interest through our streamlined application system.



This is where you build and activate your influencers. The platform allows you to analyze your applicants and decide who to partner with. As you select your team, next steps and reminders are automatically communicated.



Lionize reports on all post activity, but it does not stop there. The platform pulls all of the content created by your partners to reuse for additional social efforts.



Lionize handles payment to your influencers when their posting requirements are completed. The next step is to turn your top performers into ambassadors through reactivation.


Our Clients

Sports Illustrated
Ziva Life
Nice 'n Clean
Holiday Inn
Taste Republic
Saint James
Frozen Bean
Tribe 9 Foods
Yum Butter
Musial Awards
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Stand out from the pack and work with your ideal creators


Influencer marketing has become table stakes for a strong brand growth strategy, and getting the right creators on your side has never been more important - or more competitive. 


Case Studies

Here are examples of creative programs that Lionize activated. No matter your need, Lionize will customize its search to build you the right team of influencers.


"The actual CEO of Sam's Club told us that he saw people posting about the pasta and was thrilled!" --Kate Schmidt, Marketing Associate

About This Program: This was a program designed to push foot traffic to grocery stores in specific locations.

The Content Strategy: We asked influencer to document their entire buyer's journey.

  • Drive to your local Sam's Club.
  • Purchase Taste Republic's gluten free pasta.
  • Cook a creative meal using the pasta.


Their Results After Lionize:

  • 35.9% growth in social media engagements

  • 7.28 registry submissions per influencer

  • 5% reduction in cost per conversion

About The Program: This is a campaign to build awareness of a survey-based study to increase registry submissions.

Their Challenges Before Lionize: 

  • Finding niche influencers
  • Administrative nightmare
  • Communicating, contracting, and managing their partners

Download Case Study

Download Case Study

Meet Lionize, A Platform That Supports Any Type Of Influencer Marketing Program

Match-making, but for influencers. As the universe of social influencers expands, so does Lionize. Say goodbye to cold outreaches and clunky spreadsheets.​


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