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What is Lionize?

Lionize helps brands, agencies, and social media teams manage every aspect of the Influencer Marketing lifecycle. Our system recruits, manages, and reports influencer talent for you.

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Dedicated Account Manager

Our Influencer Marketing specialist will help strategize your program upfront and act as your point of contact throughout execution. No matter your level of influencer marketing experience, Lionize welcomes you.


If you’re marketing an all-natural, gluten-free food product, Lionize won’t just find you food vloggers, it will find you the all-natural, gluten-free ones.


Influencer marketing isn’t about having the largest following, it’s about finding the right profiles to represent your brand. Lionize automatically reaches out to your target prospects with the opportunity.


Influencers are presented an opportunity to partner with you, and they submit interest through our streamlined application system.
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This is where you build and activate your influencers. The platform allows you to analyze your applicants and decide who to partner with. As you select your team, next steps and reminders are automatically communicated.


Lionize reports on all post activity, but it does not stop there. The platform pulls all of the content created by your partners to reuse for additional social efforts.


Lionize handles payment to your influencers when their posting requirements are completed. The next step is to turn your top performers into ambassadors through reactivation.
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What is Lionize?

Lionize specializes in an industry traditionally known as influencer marketing. Lionize is a software platform that enables marketers to run influencer programs efficiently. It builds and manages teams of influencers for you. The platform is broken down into three steps: recruitment, selection and reporting. At its core, Lionize is a job recruitment and matchmaking platform that handles everything from onboarding through execution. 

Why was the Lionize platform built?

The Lionize management team comes from an agency background; they were/are even influencers themselves. They saw the challenges of running large scale influencer marketing programs and understood the need for a simple, streamlined and efficient process. The goal is to create a hassle-free experience powered by automation, data science and machine learning.

Why Lionize?

The platform provides marketers the perfect mix of managed service and automation. Lionize provides a dedicated Account Manager who will help with the initial strategy and be your point of contact through execution. No need to be an expert; the Lionize team will help you navigate these uncharted waters. Our account specialists helped mold the platform and the technology that powers the Lionize engine. They know the important components that go into launching successful campaigns for brands and crafting compelling programs for influencers. Once your campaign is configured, you let the platform do the rest. All you are responsible for is selecting your team of influencers and monitoring the success of the program through our dashboard interface!

What is an influencer?

An influencer is any public social media profile. Anyone that actively engages on social media has the ability to influence their following. The Lionize platform finds value in profiles of any size. Everyone is following you for a reason. It's because they trust you and are loyal to your content. 

How does Lionize save advertisers time?

Through automation! This process gives advertisers the ability to customize their campaign upfront and gives them full control to select their team of influencers. Lionize allows advertisers to effortlessly handle multiple campaigns at once. Now, marketers can refocus their time on nurturing relationships with their partners instead of handling all of the administrative components that go into executing programs.

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