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The Lion's Den: The Do's and Don'ts of Influencer Marketing

The Lion's Den
Emma Garrett
October 19, 2022
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Influencer Marketing is ever changing and continuously evolving. This makes navigating the influencer landscape difficult and confusing.

Through the hundreds of influencer campaigns we’ve run, our team has come up with some key Do’s and Don’ts when it comes to influencer marketing that will make your job easier. 

Do: Utilize Influencer Marketing 
If Influencer Marketing isn’t something you’re familiar with or have done before, don’t worry - we’re here to help. Our software takes away all of the legwork of an influencer activations and outreach, so that your day to day is actually easier. If you’re not sure where to start, our team of experienced account managers can work with you on your content strategy and give recommendations along the way. 

Don’t: Make Your Ask Too Specific
If influencer content was on a percent scale, your specific ask is about 90% of the content style and the remaining 10% is always going to be made up of an influencer’s own take on things and creativity. Always leave room in your ask for the influencer to get creative. Not only will it dissuade influencers from working with you, but it will make the content they post feel really inorganic, resulting in low engagement. Give a little room for the influencer to make the content their own. Their audience will react better if it feels authentic! 

Do: Focus on Engagement over Following
When looking at influencers you want to work with, always keep in mind their rate of engagement per post versus their following. Let’s look at an example. Influencer A has 500k+ followers but gets less than 4 comments and 100 likes per post. That is a very low rate of engagement per post. Influencer B who has 20K followers might get 50-100 comments per post and over 300 likes. Clearly while Influencer B has less followers than Influencer A, Influencer B has a more engaged audience and you’re likely to have more engagement on any sponsored posts. 

Don’t: Forget Your Goals
As you select influencers to work with and see content coming in, make sure to always keep in mind your activation goal. Did you want to have $XX.XX in conversions? Was this a brand awareness campaign? Did you just need some high quality content to repost? Keeping your end goal in mind is key from beginning to end in any influencer campaign. 

Do: Pay Your Influencers
The days of relying solely on free products as a way of paying influencers for their services are long gone. The average influencer cost for an influencer with under 200k is about $50-$300 on top of the free product you’re offering. Go into your influencer campaign ready and prepared to have some budget for paid placements. Paying your influencers a reasonable and fair rate will also assist you in reactivating them for more campaigns down the road.  

Don’t: Change Things Up
Listen, we get it. Things can change fast in the corporate and retail worlds. But remember that the influencers you selected and have contracts with agreed to a certain set of parameters (a specific content ask like two story slides and one in-feed post, a blog post, etc). Even if it’s something like changing up a phrase that you want mentioned in your caption, changing things up mid-way through a campaign will cause a lot of confusion and then you get into influencers understandably wanting to re-negotiate rates. 

Influencer marketing is a difficult, ever-changing landscape. But keep these key points in mind to start building your map and improve your strategies.

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